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Snacks and desserts we carry

Pick up some snacks and desserts for your family at Asian One Best Grocery. If you're looking for something unique to snack on between meals, you'll have fun choosing from our large variety of food.

  • Specialty chips

  • Wasabi green peas

  • Mixed nuts

  • Wheat cake

  • Rice rolls

  • Gummy candies

  • Assorted toffees

  • Chocolate covered biscuit sticks

  • Peanuts

  • Ginger candy

  • Mochi

  • Rice crackers

  • Fish crackers

  • Watermelon seeds

  • Shrimp snacks

  • Almond cookies

  • Various crackers

  • Various biscuit snacks

  • Garlic cracker nuts

  • Various coated peanuts

  • Banana chips

  • And much more

Chips Chips

Pick up delicious Asian specialties today